Aries brand embodies the apparent incompatibily between street style and high fashion. Well done and well cut dresses are mixed with all the streetwear elements of anti-fashion young movements.


Sofia Prantera, italian, studies at the Central Saint Martins in Londra. At the beginning of her carrier she work for Slam City Skates, famous point of reference of street culture. Here she meets who will become his friend and Aries brand co-founder, Ferguus Purcell. Her expert street style eye is combined with his graphic style to give birth to Aries collections, perfectly located between streetwear and high fashion rules, always challenging them to create a totally hybrid brand.


Aries immediately collaborate with the most worldwide famous streetwear and sportswear brands such as: Vans, New Balance and Fila reaching a long series of successes. The creative duo was among the first to talk about genderless collection in fashion world, not only they didn’t distinguish the genders but also claiming that we have to choose sizes according to how we feel that particular day. The brand logo, the Temple, became iconic and printed on sweatshirts and tye dyed tee shirts to make them recongnizable at first sight. Graphic elements strongly came back with provocative slogan which represent an attention on subcultures and a sign of rebellion. The Made in Italy production to which Sofia is proudly fond due to her origins, is a badge of honor for Aries.


The name Aries and all the branding is based on a distortion of luxury classical language, starting from the arcaic temple on the logo, which is contextualized at present times when we have to take conscious of a decadent culture and bloom again through a concrete form of protest.