Zita Fabiani Group

Zita Fabiani Group stems from the evolution of a small boutique opened in Rome 55 years ago. It’s purpose is to manage various business projects. Today the group holds:

Zita Fabiani, in Rome, is a well established historical reality. Its assets have always been the selection of the highest quality brands and an excellent customer care which have enabled it to become a benchmark for generations of loyal customers.

Insight in Rome and Insight in Monopoli, are the perfect melting pot of international luxury brands, emerging designers and latest trends which are exposed in fascinating locations, both designed by Marco Costanzi. Insight is dedicated to sophisticated, cosmopolitan and fashion oriented clients.

Various departments (sales, commercial, marketing, image, graphics and logistics) constitute the morphology of the interior e-commerce division. It’s structure envelops a professional staff who guarantee a quality performance. 

WARNING: The reference to the term "Group" has no legal value or consequence. It is merely used for practical purposes for a more immediate reading of the information. The same term, therefore, could be used on this page even in the absence of direction and coordination by a controlling entity (also holding "staff" or parent company) towards other companies.